Should teenagers be allowed to trick-or-treat?

Discussion in 'World News & Debate' started by Kick-Ass, Jul 30, 2011.

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  1. Kick-Ass

    Kick-Ass Member Member

    Should it be made illegal for anyone 13 or older to trick-or-treat? Should teens and adults not be allowed to do it? I think it's definitely weird for a adult to go trick-or-treating (unless they are taking their kids/siblings)

    The City of Belleville is getting national attention again for having restrictions on trick-or-treaters. The story was even featured on the Today Show this week. But in the last two years of banning anyone over the age of 14 from trick-or-treating, is it really working?

    Imagine a gory, scary mask showing up at your door! On a pint sized body: not so scary. But someone bigger...

    Belleville parent Ken Walker said, "He wants to be a gangster, wants to carry a mask and a gun, and told him he probably won't be able to do that."

    Not for much longer anyway, Walker's son Daniel is 12-years old. His parents tell him he only has a couple of trick-or-treating years left. In Belleville, it's the law.

    "Sometimes you got the late, 9pm, 9:30, 10 o'clock knocks at the door. The high school kids, the college-age kids, going out terrorizing people," said Belleville Police Captain Don Sax.

    So as Sax explains: as of three years ago, it's against the law for anyone over the age of 14 to trick-or-treat in Belleville. But in that time, police have never issued even one citation.

    "We haven't had any complaints or any violations that have come up, so there have not been any reason to enforce it or make an arrest," said Captain Sax.

    17-year old Nathan and buddy Codie aren't complaining about that. As long as no one complains, they're going to go trick-or-treating in Belleville, just as they've done every year since the law said no.

    "Who says you have to be a certain age to go trick-or-treating. It's just stupid," said Nathan.

    "I like dressing up, like having fun one day out of the year," said Codie.

    They both say they don't wear scary costumes, and they're in charge of taking their little brothers and sisters trick-or-treating

    "One's eight and the other one's five," said Nathan.

    Belleville Police say they don't patrol looking for over-aged trick-or-treaters. But they will respond and enforce the law if anyone calls complaining. They believe having the law keeps many families from allowing their high schoolers to go trick-or-treating.
  2. ABBY

    ABBY Premium User Premium

    candy is for kids, maybe 15 and under for trick-or-treating.

    parents should know better than to let the kid walk around with a fake gun. Halloween is about looking scary/spooky/witch, how does a gangster fit in to this category.
  3. mrputter

    mrputter Member Member

    It shouldn’t be illegal. That seems unnecessary although that’s something that’s never been a real problem where I live. I say, if you’re bold or silly enough to dress up in a crazy outfit and beg for snacks then you probably deserve some.

    I do remember two years ago there was a couple of college guys who went around the neighborhood dressed as old ladies. They carried a real door and door frame with them. They would ring someone’s bell. Then when you opened the door you would be staring at another closed door. They waited until you knocked on it then they opened their side. Dressed as old ladies, they would say how “cute” you looked in “your little costumes” and then they would give YOU some candy. It was awesome.
  4. luke1384148355

    luke1384148355 Member Member

    Rio de Janeiro, RJ
    Seriously, I don’t think that’s really necessary. Belleville, like any other city, shouldn’t distinguish people by their age on Halloween. It’s evident that nodoby is the same, nobody exhibits the same behavior. By limiting age, many harmless teenagers are gonna be kept away from the fun for a superfluous reason. I’m sure that such restriction will just make some people reluctant, like Nathan, that just looks for fun without offending anyone. Belleville doesn’t need to change laws, this will not work. People need to be changed, as in parents should look for their children hardly. It just needs common sense, as we also do. When so many teenagers are kept off the fun for others who don’t know to act smartly, it doesn’t seem fair to me.

  5. Cheerleader

    Cheerleader Member Member

    United States
    Has this came in? I still trick-or-treat :smilie_flag_006:
  6. mariettail3

    mariettail3 Member Member

    old men should be alowed to trick-or-treat. who agrees?
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